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Discover the process that is helping leading brands increase ad spend profitably with campaigns that actually drive new customers.

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In this exclusive 1-on-1 Strategy Call, we will go through:

  • A diagnosis of your current Facebook Ads and customer acquisition strategy to identify what you need to implement to improve your results
  • The strategies that we are performing for leading brands that can directly apply to your store and market (i.e. campaigns, creatives, landing pages, and offers)
  • The next steps on how our team will get everything implemented to lower your cost per acquisition and increase ad spend with Facebook Ads (based on our extensive experience working with over 35 leading health & beauty, fashion, pet, DIY brands)

Dear Founder...

You run a brand and manage your Facebook Ads to acquire new customers and sell to your existing customer base…

But you know you could be doing a lot better, especially when it comes to driving new customers to your online store, because of the following:

❌ Slow agencies that overspend and take months to “learn”

❌ Ineffective campaigns burning your ad spend

❌ No clarity on what’s going on

❌ Low ROAS

❌ No Scale

We’ve seen a lot of that and decided to do something different:

After working with multiple industry-leading Ecommerce DTC Brands, including

  • The fastest growing fashion brand in Scandinavia.
  • Leading at-home salon treatment brand in the World.
  • Plus many more brands that are household names in their respective niches.

We’ve mapped out the process for Facebook Ads supremacy.

In your free Strategy Session, you will discover how to outperform your current results (and your competitors’ results) with more revenue, lower CPAs, and ever-scaling campaigns for customer acquisition.

The Strategy Session is a free 30-minute Zoom call with our founder, where we will diagnose your current Facebook Ads strategy and determine how to improve your results. We will also share the strategies we implement for leading brands to dominate client acquisition.

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Acquire More Customers

Drive more first-time buyers to your online store at a better cost per acquisition.

Decrease CPA

See an immediate increase in revenue and ROAS from your Facebook & Instagram campaigns.

Outperform Your Competitors

Show your products in more creative ways than other brands.

Intelligence Media Case Studies

Beauty Industry


This brand was struggling to break £75k/month barrier. Every time they tried scaling the ad account their ROAS decreased.


We implemented our media buying structure and creative strategy system that allowed us to create more high converting TOF ads with better ROAS.


We grew this brands revenue from £75k/month to £1M/month and that is in Q1, not Q4.

A Message From Our Founders

As business owners, we know the frustration of agency relationships that fall short. Many agencies are fixated on acquiring "the next client" rather than serving their existing ones. This flawed agency model needs a transformation, and we are here to lead that change.

Our agency has achieved some of the highest success and retention rates in the industry.

We are committed to taking no shortcuts and pooling the world's top marketing talents. Our success is directly tied to yours.

-Jorens Kvele-Kvals & Simona Saule

What is this Strategy Session?

This is a free 30-minute Zoom call with our founder where we will diagnose your current struggles with Facebook Ads and determine a course of action to fiercely improve your results. We will also share the strategies we are implementing for leading brands dominating client acquisition in their markets.

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